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This issue of our newsletter focuses specifically on the Covid-19 Respond Relief work updates from 11th to 20th May 2020 . We will be briefing you on major highlights in our fundraising page, as well as updates from our volunteers across India. 

We would like to begin by thanking all our donors and well wishers for supporting this noble cause by donating both in cash and kind. Because of you, we have been able to raise 10 lakhs INR for relief work. There is much appreciation for our field volunteers who risk their life for supporting the needy people as much as they can!

Fundraising Highlights

We have set up ways to reach out to more donors in various ways, not just through Bank Transfers. 

These include:

A fund raising campaign on Milaap – India’s largest crowdfunding site for Rs. 25,00,000/- . There are also options for PAYTM and UPI on the Milaap page. You can access the campaign here:         

A JustGiving campaign for donors from the UK. We have been able to raise £3,601 through JustGiving. Help us reach our goal of £5,000 on the site by donating through:

Volunteers Updates

We have 4 new volunteers registered from 3 states – 2 from Uttar Pradesh and 1 each from Arunachal Pradesh and Kerala, between 11th to 20th May 2020.  

In total, we now have 104 registered volunteers working in 16 different states across India. They include 27 women and 77 men. View our entire volunteer list by clicking on the button below.

Reports Updates

Our reports from volunteers are constantly being updated as they send in their updates from the field. Please check the reports from 11th to 20th May 2020 in the below slider.

You can access all of them by clicking the button below the slider or from “Reports” in the Menu section.


News Updates


Through your support and the incredible hard work of our alumni and volunteer teams, in the last 10 days we have been able to help more than 519 families – over 1100 people – in 7 states across India. Thank you, and we hope we will continue to reach more of those in need during the lockdown. 



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Survey reports

Our field volunteers have been able to reach out to many more areas during this time. Through their surveys, they have being identifying individuals, families, and communities who are the most vulnerable right now. They cooperate and coordinate with local people, and sometimes with government authorities, and accordingly prepare a report on specific situations. They make a list of the requirements and prepare a budget and send to the National Coordinator.

The below chart represents the survey reports as received by our field volunteers between 11 to 20th May 2020:

According to the above chart, this week we have received 20 new appeals, amounting to a total of Rs.915707.00  We have not disbursed this amount yet. Adding the pending amount till 10th May 2020 the total goes upto Rs. 1758299/- 
We are now urgently seeking funds for the balance Rs. 17,58,299.00 of the appeal.


We do not know how long this situation will last, but it has had a severe impact on millions of people throughout India, and will continue to do so for the next few months, and maybe longer. We are in touch with people who are likely to suffer most from this disease, and are doing what we can. 

The more support we receive, the more people we can help. From the reports we have received by our volunteers, we need to raise at least 30 lakhs INR to cover this stage of relief work. 

So, dear friends and community, on behalf of Nagaloka, we would like appeal to all of you to support us in this extremely grave situation.

Nagaloka: Nagaloka, Kamptee Road, Bhilgaon, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440026 
Mobile: +919967883973 

All above figure and matters as received by our Field Volunteers, Compiled by Lakhindar Soren as on 20th May 2020.

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